Integrated India

  • Our Purpose On top of the national level, the future generation should be clean air-water. The problem of environment in India is increasing rapidly. Air, sound, water and all other pollution are increasing day by day. Wells and ponds are ending. All the rivers have also become non-existent. Wind | Getting toxic. Sound pollution is higher than standard. Overall the environment is reaching a very dangerous twist. We are continuously running dough on greenery. Forests are becoming more and less less than the proportion of land. Modernity | In the blind race we are growing the concrete jungle for our physical pleasure. The consequences of this will be our next generation. We are busy promoting the future generations. . But, we are not thinking that if they do not get clean air and water then what will they do with this wealth? Our future generation will remain sick due to polluted air and water. Water will hit for water. Then the pleasures added by us will be redundant. They will not have any meaning. There will be no one to live in this concrete forest. In such a situation, society and government should think about everything. Clean air for future generations, more rugged than water and nothing else. In this direction, we all have to make a concerted effort. | This work must be done at the collective level. We have to make our children aware too. They have to make habit of planting plants, keeping water clean and keeping the environment clean. Only then will the matter be made.
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