Gurugram(Vinod Marwaha)

The 50-year-old woman does not even have a wrinkle on her face. When seen from the face, she appears not only 50 years old but only 25 years old. Everyone can be deceived by looking at their face. This woman has found her fit body with hard work.

The name of this woman is Neeru Bajaj. She lives in Gurugram, Haryana and is also the mother of two children. She associated with the beauty parlor business, has made it to the final round of the Haut Monde Mrs. India World Wide – 2020 competition. She passed several auditions before making it to the finals. She has made a place in the top onetwenty by making attractive appearances in Introduction Round, Catwalk and Talent Round. Let us know that Neeru has reached this final after winning various stages of the competition. She will now be seen walking the catwalk at the Grand Finale in Singpore in December with 120 contestants. Expressing happiness over his achievement, she said that it is not easy to participate in such an event at this stage of age, but my husband is very supportive due to which all this has been possible.

To stay fit, She said that I do weight training in the morning and yoga in the evening. There are many things in the diet, but the major point is that I never miss breakfast. I take a very rich breakfast. She says that this contest has told me and other women like me that dreams can be fulfilled even at this age. Many avenues open up if husband and family are encouraged. She said that if there is a strong intention including hard work, then no obstacle can be hindered in any task. Neeru says that she will definitely win the Grand Finale.

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